Rhythm & Blue: Unravelling the Creativity

Rhythm & Blue: Unravelling the Creativity (Kevis House Gallery event)

11:15am Wednesday 10 July

Leconfield Hall


£13 (18 & under £5)

Choppy Seas by Alan James McLeod (Kevis House Gallery)

Reflecting on the 2024 Festival Exhibition, Artist and Poet Frances Hatch explores her creative journey together with Kevis House Gallery’s Lucy Hodgson.

In conversation with Stewart Collins they reflect on their shared journey, “the creative eye”, and how this has resulted in unique exhibitions at Kevis House with the artists the gallery represents – this year’s being Rhythm & Blue, fifteen diverse artists having taken up the challenge of responding to poetry, prose and music all relating to BLUE.

This event is generously supported by Kevis House Gallery