Supporting the Petworth Festival Literary Week

The Petworth Festival Literary Week is the younger sibling of the long-established Petworth Festival. Starting as a humble Literary Weekend, we quickly had to inflate to a Literary Week, such was the interest in reading and books that the Festival released. Thirteen years later we can now advertise line-ups that are the match of anything held outside the main centres of the country: ten days of varied discussion, debate and sometimes not a little controversy.

Who has graced our stages over our first thirteen years? The list is huge, but to give you a feel… AA Gill, Andy McNab, Ann Widdecombe, Anthony Beevor, Antonia Fraser, Anthony Horowitz… and these are just the ‘A’s. Otherwise we give you Tim Peake, Sheila Hancock, Julian Barnes, William Boyd, Peter Frankopan, Sebastian Faulks, Gyles Brandreth, Joanna Trollope, Julian Fellowes, Prue Leith, Michael Palin, Michael Morpurgo…

Besides the quality of our speakers and our all-important relationship with The Petworth Bookshop, one other element has been an ever-present over these twelve years – sponsorship. Petworth businesses and private sponsors have been with us right from the beginning and between them they have helped guarantee the quality and scale of what we do. And our need for this support doesn’t go away. In fact, it grows. As our ambitions for the festival grow year on year and as we try ever harder to engage with the widest possible audiences (including families and local schools), we need support more than ever. But it isn’t a one-way track. Supporting events at the festival brings multiple rewards; practically in terms of priority booking, but much more than that. For corporate partners we offer access to our audience and multiple opportunities to develop awareness and brand, and to our private supporters we offer the opportunity to join a family that brings remarkable writers and remarkable minds to our area, and which also helps guarantee the quality of life we enjoy in West Sussex. The best that life can bring on your doorstep. We hope you will join our family!

Stewart Collins
Artistic Director

If you would like information regarding sponsorship – whether the summer festival, literary week or both – please contact Stella Goodson or telephone 01798 343055.

Support for the Summer Festival starts at £500 and for the Literary Week from only £300.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all those supported the 2023 Petworth Festival Literary Week.

Literary Week Supporters – 2023

Principal Sponsor

The Leconfield Estates

Gold Leaf Sponsors

Andy Dean & Carol Montgomery
Gail & Tim Drew

Corporate Sponsor

Sofas & Stuff

Leather-Bound Sponsors

Alan & Sara Bennie
Elspeth & Charlie Bray
The Franks Family
Valerie Henden
Gordon & Tina Owen
Jans Ondaatje Rolls

Vellum Sponsors

Caroline Ayrton-Grimes
Peter & Jill Beckingham
Andrew & Jenny Cummins
Gavin & Caro Darlington
Charlie & Rosie Drayson
Judy Flint
Brenda Kverndal
David & Rosie Miller
David & Jenny Lowe
Alan Perry
Alva & Mark Powell
Sir Michael & Lady Wright

Bond Sponsors

Dr Deborah Alun-Jones
Anthony & Stella Capo-Bianco
Cherril Corben
Peter Drummond
Susan Hamilton
Richard & Lucy Hodgson
John & Gloria Horwell
Andrew & Judy Howard
David & Wendy Hunter
Robert Jeans & Sarah Villiers
Sarah & Jeremy Lewis
James & Elizabeth Mackinnon
Sue Marsh
Caroline McNeil
Cherry Menlove
Ned & Clare Mersey
Malcom & Lizzie Ring
David & Alexandra Soskin
Caroline Stonemason
Roger & Charlotte ter Haar
James & Penny Tree
David & Rosemary Vernon
Nigel & Jenny Williams
And a number of supporters who wish to remain anonymous
leconfield estates
Petworth Bookshop
Newlands House Gallery
West Sussex Young Arts
cherrys bakery
john bird antiques
Rugs of Petworth