From our Artistic Director

The ninth Petworth Festival Literary Week is upon us - a chance to spend quality time being entertained, stimulated, affirmed and just occasionally finding yourself in disagreement with what you are hearing - don't forget we have a group of journalists and politicians joining us across the week, so we don't expect you to agree with everything. But that's the joy of the literary week. You'll have a chance at every event to cross-question the speakers, and that includes our speakers right across the board. Their subjects range from sport to the natural world, from the kitchen to the Apollo moon landings, photography to burning news stories of recent times, and a range of novels that touch on dysfunctional families, the cauldron of South African politics, crime, and so on and so on.

Scan through the following pages and I'm confident you will find a raft of events that tickle your particular fancy and we look forward to seeing you there. Petworth's 'Open University' is open for business...

Stewart Collins
Artistic Director