Gonora Sounds (world/roots)

Gonora Sounds (world/roots)

7:45pm Tuesday 23 July

Leconfield Hall, Petworth


Adults £22 (18 & under £5)

Gonora Sounds have been busking on the streets of Zimbabwe since 2004. The father-and-son duo is blind singer/songwriter Daniel Gonora, a wizard on the guitar, and his son/protégé Isaac on drums. Daniel and Isaac’s street performances have garnered millions of views online and a growing international fanbase.

The duo feature in a multi-award-winning documentary You Can’t Hide from the Truth, which tells how Daniel has pieced together a living for himself and his family, a disabled man playing for the world’s most beleaguered currency’s pocket change. He is one of the few remaining members of the Zimbabwean supergroup Jairos Jiri Band, a group that enjoyed its heyday in the 1990s.

This concert is generously supported by New Street Decorative