Abel Selaocoe (cello) (classical/world)

Abel Selaocoe (cello) (classical/world)

7:30pm Monday 22 July

St Mary’s Church, Petworth


£26/£18/£9/£5 (18 & under £5, FREE in adult £5 seats)

Photo credit: Mlungisi Mlungwana
Thumbnail photo credit: Christina Ebenezer

I can’t think of one who radiates so much heart and joy as Abel Selaocoe… he winningly combines his cello with throat singing, improvising, exhorting the audience to shout or clap, and treating his body as a percussion instrument.” The Times

The quote says it all: South African cellist Abel Selaocoe is a phenomenon, having re-imagined so much of what we know about the cello, but also paying the instrument the deep respect its 400-year musical history deserves. His repertoire encompasses the music of Bach all the way through to multiple voices of Africa, with traditional melodies from Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania. A definite festival highlight awaits….

Abel Selaocoe triggers the imagination before you’ve even made it to your seat… He is gentle and warm, passionate, energetic, electrifying, resolute, and committed.”