Welcome to the
2015 Petworth Festival Literary Weekend

It has been really exciting watching our Literary Weekend go from its standing start just four years ago to the essential part of the Petworth diary that it is today. It is with great excitement that we once again reveal our list of authors, books and topics for discussion this coming November.

Hopefully you will agree that, as in previous years, we are really tapping into the lives and work of some great and notable authors and covering a genuinely wide range of subjects, and hopefully you will also agree that you absolutely have to attend a good handful of events - it’s all too good to miss. And, as ever with what we do at the Festival, it’s all on your doorstep!

Thank you to everyone who helps make the Festival happen - our authors, their publishers, our sponsors, our friends at the Petworth Bookshop and, of course, our audiences. We need you all, but equally we hope you need us!

Happy reading, happy listening

- Stewart Collins, Artistic Director