Workshop: How to write the perfect memoir

with Nick Boulos of Master Storytellers

Workshop: How to write the perfect memoir





Saturday 30 October, 2021

United Reformed Church, Petworth, GU28 OAR

2.00pm - 3.30pm

Adults £8 / 18 and under £4

The first of two Saturday sessions focusing on the art of memoir writing. Memoir writing has never been more popular, with more people than ever before committing their own personal story to paper in a bid to preserve their tales for generations to come. But doing any story justice – particularly your own – is no mean feat.

Packed with industry insight that can be applied to all forms of writing, Nick Boulos’ workshop will guide you through the entire process. Featuring a panel of their most prolific authors, each of whom have ghost-written bestselling celebrity memoirs, this event will arm you with all the tools and techniques to produce a mighty memoir. Topics covered include:

- how to capture your unique tone of voice

- how to structure the narrative and work through decades of memories

- how to evoke a sense of place and describe people in dramatic detail

- how to write dialogue effectively

- how to convey emotions and control pace within the text

This event will run for roughly 90 minutes – and to follow up your interest, do also book a one-to-one session next weekend (Saturday 6 November). An invaluable opportunity to kick start your interest in this increasingly popular activity.