William Leith - The Trick - Why some people can make money…and other people can’t

In conversation with Claire Armitstead

William Leith - The Trick - Why some people can make money…and other people can’t





Wednesday 3 November, 2021

St Mary's Church, Petworth, GU28 0AD

2.30pm - 3.30pm

Adults £10 / 18 and under £5 / Online £5

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The impulse to make money is in all of us. But why are some people terrible at it while others get filthy rich? It was this dilemma that set William Leith off on an adventure into the bizarre, morally dubious yet highly desirable world of the mega-rich. For years, Leith has travelled far and wide interviewing the rich and the super-rich to find answers. The Trick is a deep dive into the strange psyche of the super-wealthy and our own obsession with money; that beautiful, elusive thing that makes the world go round – and is leading to our downfall. Throughout his fascinating journey, he continually poses the question: ‘what makes these people wealthy? And how come I’m not!’

William Leith has worked as a columnist and feature writer at The Independent on Sunday, the Mail on Sunday and the Observer. His writing spans a wide range of subjects, from food to celebrity, cosmetic surgery, fashion and film. He is the author of two previous books, The Hungry Years and Bits of Me Are Falling Apart.

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William Leith (photo: Phil Fisk)