Will Pound & Eddy Jay Review

Will Pound & Eddy Jay Review

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Foot tapping great is was Will Pound and Eddy Jay were during this year's Petworth Festival. Highlight for me and looking forward to seeing them again soon, hopefully at the festival. Pleased with my signed CD which is being played over and over already. Review by A. Kramp 16/7/16

If one had not heard this duo previously, then maybe either of these instruments would not immediately attract one’s interest. Maybe, in truth, a performance with both together could be questionable…. if, that is ,one had not had that luck. Last night’s audience have all now shared that luck.

The expertise and joyfulness we experienced is difficult to convey. The tapping feet, the beating fingers , the jumping knees and the delighted whoops and cheers of appreciation at the end of each offering were testament to the extraordinary musical abilities we were seeing and hearing. The combined energy of the performers and the delight of those receiving the liveliness of their music, if, fed into the national grid, could have eliminated Petworth!

I can only recommend to others to take any opportunity that arises and sit ,as we did, and be astounded at the incredible results these two so utterly self-effacing young men could ring from these two, previously considered humble, instruments. - Review Y.P.K. 16/7/18