Festival Walk

Festival Walk





Sunday 25 July, 2021

Meet at St Mary’s Church, Petworth GU28 0AD

2.00pm - 5.00pm

FREE - no booking required

This year’s Festival Walk led by Jonathan Golden will take in two of Petworth’s jewels: Petworth Deer Park and the Shimmings Valley. Our route joins these together by a less well-known loop in the Balls Cross area north of the town. The walk is about 7 miles and the going is easy.

There is parking available in the Petworth Town Centre Car Park (GU28 0AP).

Please note: some of the route goes through long grass and brambles, so trousers are recommended. We also cross the A283 by the National Trust car park, and the A272 at Fox Hill – these are fast roads, and walkers must take responsibility for their own safety and cross individually and not as a group.

The walk itself is free, and will be on wet or fine! Boots recommended. Dogs who don’t wander off are welcome.