Tom Bower in conversation with Andrew Billen

Jeremy Corbyn: Dangerous Hero

Tom Bower in conversation with Andrew Billen





Sunday 3 November, 2019

Leconfield Hall GU28 0AH

7.30pm (Ends approx 8.30pm)

Adults £12 | 18 and under £5


The controversial biographer brings the festival to a close for a second year with his forensic investigation into the ‘marmite’ character that is Jeremy Corbyn.

After four decades in politics, Jeremy Corbyn has never been closer to power but until his surprise election as Labour leader in 2015, he had not been a major political player. Since then, he has survived coup attempts, accusations of incompetence, charges of anti-Semitism, bullying and not being the master of his brief.

In conversation with The Times’ Andrew Billen, Tom Bower reveals the hidden truths about Corbyn’s character, the causes and organisations he espouses, and Britain’s likely fate under the Marxist-Trotskyist society he has championed since the early 70s. Based on eyewitness accounts from those who have known Corbyn throughout his life, Bower asks whether a Labour government led by Corbyn would deliver a glowing new era or catastrophe?

Tom Bower is an investigative journalist noted for his biographies of controversial power-brokers including Richard Branson, Tiny Rowland, Robert Maxwell, Conrad Black, Bernie Ecclestone, Mohamed Fayed, Geoffrey Robinson, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Prince Charles..