Simon Cooper - Life of a Chalkstream

Simon Cooper - Life of a Chalkstream





Wednesday 27 April, 2016

Leconfield Hall Petworth GU28 0AH

12 noon, ends approx 1pm

Tickets: £10 Adults, £4 18 and Under

Chalkstreams are one of the very few habitats that are almost exclusive to England. They range far and wide from the famous River Test in Hampshire, flowing through eight othercounties from Dorset to Yorkshire. Every river is special in its own right.

Life of a Chalkstream is Simon Cooper’s lyrical, revealing voyage through a year in the life of these unique waterways covering the remarkable spectacle of salmon, sea trout and brown troutspawning in winter to the emergence of water voles in spring and the explosion of mayflies in the earlydays of summer. And as one of the UK’s leading chalkstream conservationists, he explains why the fight to save chalkstreams is so vital for the local environment and for anybody who values the beauty of rural England.

Simon Cooper grew up in Hampshire, where he first learnt to fly-fish. Only after moving away did he realise how little people know about the secret world of chalkstreams, and their significant role in sustaining the countryside. He returned to Hampshire and now lives on the edge of a ginclear trout lake at Nether Wallop Mill. He hosts courses and tours through Fishing Breaks.