Richard Dannatt Review

Richard Dannatt Review

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In a period of 40 minutes, General Sir Richard Dannatt summarised Britain's military role for a seventy year period, from the German surrender on Luneberg Heath to the present day.

He covered its presence in the world from a major power with a substantial army, to one of not more than 90,000 soldiers at the present count, and with a total military budget of some 3% of GDP.

During this period the British Army has been involved in many conflicts – some successful like the 'hearts and minds' in Malaya, the retaking of the Falklands, and Dhofar in Oman – and others less so, like the Suez campaign which failed spectacularly on the Diplomatic front.

Throughout it all, the 'Boots on the ground' have done our country proud. And they will continue to be needed in the future.

As a soldier's General, with a wealth of experience, Richard Dannatt was able to encapsulate Britain's changing position in the world, and the army's role it. A superb summary.

Pat Darley 12/11/16