Lucasta Miller - Keats

In conversation with Miranda Seymour

Lucasta Miller - Keats





Tuesday 2 November, 2021

St Mary's Church, Petworth, GU28 0AD

2.30pm - 3.30pm

Adults £10 / 18 and under £5 / Online £5

Lucasta Miller introduces Keats - click here to view.

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The epitaph John Keats composed for his own gravestone - ‘Here lies one whose name was writ in water’ - seemingly damned him to oblivion. When he died at the age of twenty-five, having taken a battering from the conservative press, few critics imagined he would be considered one of the great English poets two hundred years later, though he himself had an inkling.

In conversation with Miranda Seymour, Lucasta Miller talks about Keats’s best-known poems and excavates their backstories. In doing so, she resurrects the real Keats: a lower-middleclass outsider from a tragic and dysfunctional family, whose extraordinary energy and love of language allowed him to pummel his way into the heart of English literature; a freethinker and a liberal at a time of repression; a human being who delighted in the sensation of the moment; but a complex individual, not the ethereal figure of his posthumous myth.

Lucasta Miller is a biographer and critic, whose articles have appeared in The Guardian and in a wide number of other publications. She is the author of two previous books on nineteenth-century literature, The Brontë Myth and L.E.L.: the Lost Life and Mysterious Death of the ‘Female Byron’, and is currently an Honorary Research Associate at University College, London and a Royal Literary Fund Fellow.

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Lucasta Miller (photo: Simone Ling)