Talking Tapestry in the 21st Century (talk)

14 Jul 2022 – 11:15 @ Leconfield Hall – (opening time 10:50) Talking Tapestry in the 21st Century (talk)

11:15am Thursday 14 July

Leconfield Hall


£5.0 to £12.5

Tying in with this year’s Kevis House Gallery Festival Exhibition, The Internal Landscape, with two artists’ work shown together (see below for opening times), Katharine Swailes, Master Weaver of Atelier Weftface, appears in conversation with Zenzie Tinker. In what should prove to be a fascinating insight into the work of the tapestry artist, Katherine will set up a mini ‘workshop atelier’ on stage and demonstrate how she uses her loom together with the other ‘props’ she has developed to help her make her tapestries.

Katharine will be showing a series of eight handwoven tapestries, The Sun and The Moon and Verdure Garden at Kevis House for the duration of the Petworth Festival. The exhibition juxtaposes the tapestries with pictures by acclaimed Duncton based artist, Tuëma Pattie, including works from her travels and from the South Downs. 

As Katharine explains ”Tapestries are traditionally woven in a series of six to eight pieces, and the Verdure Tapestry was popular in the 16th century. It is designed to bring the outside in, this is something I think both Tuëma and I do with our work”. 

 Tuëma’s work reveals her consistent enjoyment of the act of painting, primarily on canvas, and the inspiration of place as her starting point. Her work is renowned for her characteristic fluid handling of paint and optimistic use of colour, and importantly her creativity, as she shares something of herself in her interpretation of place. 

Zenzie Tinker Conservation undertakes a complete range of conservation treatments for historic and modern textiles, tapestry and costume for institutions and private individuals founded by Zenzie Tinker, former conservator at the V&A. 

Tickets £12.50 (18 and under £5) 
In association with and supported by the Kevis House Gallery

The Internal Landscape (Exhibition). See listing above for exhibition details
Opening Preview: Wednesday 13 July 5.30pm – 8.30pm 
Exhibition times: Thursday 14 July 12.30pm – 7.30pm, thereafter open Tuesday – Saturday 
10am – 5pm until 6 August 
Kevis House Gallery, Lombard Street, Petworth 

Photo: Katharine Swailes at work