David Whitehouse - Apollo 11: The Inside Story

David Whitehouse - Apollo 11: The Inside Story





Thursday 31 October, 2019

Leconfield Hall GU28 0AH

12.00pm (Ends approx 1.00pm)

Adults £10 | 18 and under £5

TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR. Do join us at the Leconfield Hall, GU28 0AH from about 11.30am

An opportunity to hear in detail about one of the 20th century’s most remarkable achievements – the first moon landing. In the most authoritative book ever written about Apollo, former BBC Science Editor David Whitehouse reveals the true drama behind the mission, telling the story in the words of those who took part – based around exclusive interviews with the key players.

His enthralling book takes us from the early rocket pioneers to the shock America received from the Soviets’ launch of the first satellite, Sputnik; from the race to put the first person into space, through President Kennedy’s enthusiasm and later doubts, to the astronauts’ intense competition to leave the first footprint.

David Whitehouse is a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Today, Sky News, The Jeremy Vine Show and many others, and one of the world’s most cited journalists. Before becoming a journalist he was a scientist at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory of University College London and received his doctorate from Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory.