Whats On - At A Glance for 2017

Whats On - At A Glance for 2017

At-a-Glance Festival 2017 - Download Schedule

Booking Commences online and by telephone on Thursday 27 April 2017

Wed 12th July
Roderick Williams / Iain Burnside - Die Schöne Müllerin

Thur 13th July
St Mary’s Festival Peal
Festival Service
Mahan Esfahani (harpsichord)

Fri 14th July
Musicians from the Royal Academy of Music :
Lucy Humphris (trumpet) Harry Rylance (piano)
L’Avventura / Old Blind Dogs - Orpheus Caledonius
Trygve Wakenshaw - Nautilus (comedy)

Sat 15th July
Come & Sing with Ben Parry - The Sound of Music
Cédric Tiberghien (piano)
Jess Robinson - Impressive (comedy)

Sun 16th July
Festival Walk
Family Event with Matthew Sharp - Tommy Foggo Superhero
The Orlando Consort - The Passion of Joan of Arc (film event)

Mon 17th July
Gillian Keith (soprano) / Simon Lepper (piano) - Elemental

Tue 18th July
The Coull Quartet
Bounder & Cad - Warning: Implicit Content!

Wed 19th July
Musicians from the Royal Academy of Music:
The Pocket Sinfonia
Chloë Hanslip (violin) / Danny Driver (piano)
An A to Z of Orchestral Triangle Playing with Michael Doran (comedy)

Thur 20th July
The European Union Chamber Orchestra with Piers Adams (recorder)
The AKA Trio (world music)

Fri 21st July
Comedy in the Stables - Rainer Hersch Orkestra and
Hal Cruttenden plus Toby Hadoke and Kieran Hodgson
The Gould Piano Trio with Mark Simpson (clarinet)

Sat 22th July
Pete Bellotte - The Unround Circle (literary event)
Jazz in the Stables - WSYM Big Band / Alex Mendham & Orchestra

Sun 23rd July
Illyria’s The Emperor’s New Clothes
Hollywood Romance with Claire Martin

Mon 24th July
Natalie Clein (cello) / Katya Apekisheva (piano)

Tue 25th July
Leon McCawley (piano) - Natural Selection
The Bisserov Sisters (Bulgaria) plus Maya Youssef (Syria)

Wed 26th July
Musicians from the Royal Academy of Music : Hao Zi Yoh (piano)
The Jay Rayner Quartet - Songs of Food and Agony
Radio Active (comedy featuring Angus Deayton) plus Card Ninja

Thur 27th July
Thomas Gould (violin) / Gwilym Simcock (piano) - Baroque Encounters
Dorothy Parker Takes a Trip (comedy/theatre)

Fri 28th July
The Trio Apaches with The O Duo
The Kagools - Tutti (comedy)

Sat 29th July
Voice - A Life of Love and Joy
Martynas Levickis (accordion) & Mikroorkéstra Ensemble - Tango!